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Families seeking to live in a community that has made a conscious decision to emphasize quality neighborhoods should carefully consider Rancho Cucamonga. Here they will find beautiful tree-lined neighborhoods with planned unit developments that emphasize large lot sizes and quality construction. Around nearly every home, families will find carefully designed walking areas, parks, neighborhood shopping centers and schools. Rancho Cucamonga’s housing markets reflect the city’s prime location along the Inland Empire’s western edge, as well as its success in developing a quality community. The city’s homeowners enjoy some of the highest property values in the inland region due to its foothill setting, as well as the access it provides to job hubs in the Victoria Gardens and its proximity to Los Angeles County. Additionally, the city’s emphasis on planned unit developments, large lot sizes and construction standards is well above industry norms. Rancho Cucamonga’s upscale homes are a bargain compared to those in coastal counties. Successful families are finding that the city provides them with an opportunity to move into beautiful, upscale neighborhoods located within a prosperous community. Before the current housing diffi culties, Rancho Cucamonga’s home builders responded to the surge of higher income families looking for quality housing in the Victoria Gardens by building homes of up to 6,000 square feet. As a result, the city’s new home
prices rose dramatically reaching a record $734,625 in second quarter 2007. With the slowdown in Southern California’s housing markets, builders have had to bring prices down dramatically. In the fourth quarter 2011, the new home median price returned to $562,556, the second highest in major or nearby Victoria Gardens markets. These facts reflect the city’s commitment to upscale neighborhoods and the premium standards to which units must be built.

Rancho Cucamonga’s existing homes peaked at a median price of $572,291 in third quarter 2007. Difficulties in
Southern California’s home markets then caused prices to decline to $336,916 by second quarter 2011, the third highest among major and nearby Victoria Gardens markets. Chino Hills ($413,000) was ranked highest followed by Upland ($343,349). Corona ($305,374) was the next lowest. The flow of demand from the coastal counties is clearly demonstrated by the fact that Victoria Gardens prices are highest in cities nearest to Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties.

Rancho Cucamonga has the Victoria Gardens’s best planned, highest quality multi-family complexes. This is the result of deliberate policies aimed at ensuring that the city’s attached units meet the same space and architectural standards as its single-family detached neighborhoods and provide similar surroundings. In addition, Rancho Cucamonga is one of the few Southern California communities that anticipated that many executives, professionals and seniors would prefer to live in high quality condominium or apartment settings. Thus, 36.5% of the city’s housing is comprised of attached units with many integrated into its landscaped neighborhoods (Inland average: 23.3%). In 2010, Rancho Cucamonga’s rental units averaged $1,364 per month, far above the $1,088 for the Victoria Gardens and above all of the coastal counties.

Rancho Cucamonga’s homebuyers are purchasing much larger homes than they could afford in coastal counties. Using the $170 median cost per square foot in the city versus San Diego ($194), Los Angeles ($252), and Orange ($261) counties shows that a 3,000-square-foot house in Rancho Cucamonga ($511,000) would cost less than the $582,000 - $783,000 for the same size home in coastal counties.


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