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Rancho Cucamonga is a prosperous, upper middle-class community. In 2010, the total income of its families was $4.8 billion. Its median household income of $76,640 was 8.1% above that of wealthy Orange County ($70,880) and 45.7% above San Bernardino County ($52,607). The city’s average family income was $88,474 and its per capita income was $40,314.

In 2010, 35.8% of Rancho Cucamonga’s families earned $100,000 or more, while another 15.5% were in the $75,000-$99,999 range,  placing 51.3% of them above $75,000 a year. Of the 21 Inland Empire cities with over 65,000 people, Rancho Cucamonga’s median household income of $76,640 ranked second, above Corona ($74,015) and below Chino Hills ($100,099). The city’s $4.84 billion in  total personal income was the second highest among the Victoria Gardens’s 52 cities. Only the city of Riverside with 138,598 more people (306,779) had a higher total income level at $6.02 billion.


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